Of Chess, Mirrors and Virtual Realities

Gregory Mc Grew creates worlds, mental landscapes that resemble the dreams of an educated film-lover. Through videos made of patiently altered images, and installations that mix virtual images with real chess pieces captured inside boxes, Gregory’s latest creation taunt the viewer to puzzle a meaning – unless he only wants to lead us behind the mirror, where logic is different and identities put to the test? “Once a pawn a time” was initially presented during the Nuit Blanche 2015, as part of a series of events that saw the artists and other members of the Pezcorp collective turn the Grand Palais into a carnaval of parodic representations (Lose your Head In Selfie Land). In a festive context that showed the Continue Reading →

Art Brunch

  Recently, a lot of initiatives have appeared to bring contemporary art to more intimate places : a bookstore/gallery, an art café, exhibitions in apartments, collectors inviting artists in the private rooms of a restaurant, gallerists who put up bookshelves, sofas, and vintage record player in their galleries : far from the White Cube, these new modes of exhibition fulfill a pressing need : the need to bring the public and the art closer. Far away from the glitter and dazzle, from the confusion between art and luxury that brands and the tourism industry encourage, particularly during the Christmas season, in these places, art is shared on a confortable sofa, and in a completely different time – the time needed to experience and savour an Continue Reading →