La Sorbonne

Sorbonne classes are excellent in the way they are structured. Awsome professors! – Benjamin Whalen, philosophy, University of Vermont.

The prestige of the Sorbonne is matched by few educational institutions. The Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne offers classes of French language and culture to thousands of international students every year.

There are classes for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. In addition, courses are offered to prepare for various exams required to teach French or to be admitted to French universities (DAP, Preliminary Application for University Admission). Courses have expanded to include Business French, allowing interested students to take exams given by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Paris School of Arts and Culture’s students are enrolled for 4 intensive weeks of daily language and phonetics class. The average class size is fifteen to twenty students of all nationalities, sometimes including other American study abroad programs. The student’s level is determined by a placement exam delivered by the Sorbonne shortly before classes begin.

PSAC students are not all placed in the same class but have class at the same time, for two or three hours every morning.

The French teaching model places a heavy emphasis on language instruction, particularly grammar and phonetic training in laboratories.

Depending on their language level, students have also the possibility to attend a variety of lectures in French on cultural and societal issues. These « French civilization lectures » (including excursions from “Sorbonne dans la Ville”) are open to students of all levels. Advanced-level lectures in literature, politics, art history, cinema, etc. are given by highly renowned academics. Intermediate and beginner lectures require the skills of specialized instructors and, in particular, practitioners of methods for teaching French as a foreign language. A program has been designed specifically for beginners. It includes a few art history classes.

With few exceptions, no courses are held in the Sorbonne itself, but in buildings in central Paris, close to the Sorbonne.

Credits :

The Sorbonne is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. The classification of course levels complies with the European reference framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Students may take up to 7 semester credits.