The safety of our students is of topmost importance to us.

For a global city, Paris is relatively safe, and we do our best to make it even safer.
Some of the measures we take include providing the students with cell-phones for emergency use.

We are very selective of our host families, and check regularly with them to make sure that the students are happy in their families.
Similarly, we limit our excursions to safe areas, and reputable transportation services.

Paris School of Arts and Culture holds regular meetings of faculty and staff in which safety procedures and precautions are reviewed. We also follow all US State Department announcements and travel advisories, and relay the information to the students should the situation require it.

All participants in the program —students, faculty and staff—are advised to monitor and follow all US State Department announcements and travel advisories and students are requested to inform the staff in advance of the details of their independent travel.

How do I contact someone at PSAC?
PSAC is open daily from 8:30am-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, Paris time. You may leave a message anytime, and your call will be returned. Our emergency number is (00)336. 6192.4997. You can also contact someone by email.

How do I transfer money to my son or daughter overseas?
Your son or daughter will not need to open a bank account in France if they chose to participate in one semester of study abroad. If they stay with PSAC for an internship, we will help them set up a bank account, which can be a long and complicated process. Most banks accept US ATM cards and usually have the best exchange rate. Shops however usually refuse credit cards for charges under $20, and are reluctant to accept American Express Cards.

We recommend that students use only well-established banks like the BNP to withdraw regular amounts, and pay their daily purchases with cash. While credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in Paris, students may be tempted to overspend, and credit-card frauds may happen in some shops.
Note that some ATM machines in France only accept 4-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), so it is a good idea to check with your card company whether your son and daughter will be able to use his or her current card.

Sexual Harassment
We do not tolerate sexual harassment from any of our staff, host families or students.
Sexual harassment is a notion that has been recently introduced in French law, and that some French people still have a hard time distinguishing from the French tradition of “gallanterie”.
Which is why all our staff has been through sexual harassment training and we conduct an orientation session on this topic for our students at the beginning of the semester.

Codes of conduct
Paris School of Arts and Culture is not a party program.
We do not tolerate drug use on our programs. If a student is caught violating our drug policy, he/she will be expelled from our program.
Unlike the United States, alcohol can be legally purchased by people over the age of 18 in France. We will treat your sons and daughters like adults, and make sure they only drink in limited and reasonable amounts during the program. If a student’s alcohol use proves disruptive or unsafe to himself, herself or the group, the student will be expelled from our program.

Ludmilla has a huge heart and truly cares about the well-being of her students – Amanda Harder, Norwich University.