Summer 2016

Come discover Paris for six weeks of intensive classes and artistic growth!

Paris School of Arts and Culture’s summer program is an intensive workshop that will take you to all the important museums, sights, and monuments of Paris, and help you find your own creative inspiration from French art, past and present.

After a few days of orientation, classes start with daily French language instruction at La Sorbonne, visits of monuments, art history classes, meetings with artists in their studios, encounters with art professionals, and studio practice.

The summer 2016 program will also include two excursions to cities that have been totally reshaped recently by arts and culture : Lille and Marseille.

We believe that guidance and freedom – to explore, to appropriate, to criticize, to reshape – are inseparable from traditional classroom instruction and off-the-beaten path activities that will help you discover the more authentic aspects of today’s French culture.

Even if you stay only for a few weeks, the goal of this study abroad program is to help you build your own relationship to Paris – for a summer and for a lifetime of francophile inspiration, and to develop a deeper understanding of the various roles art in society – yesterday, today, and in your own future life.

The program will be small and friendly, and place your personal goals and your personal development at the core of the program.

Please click on the tabs on your left for more details about the program, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.