Studying arts in Paris is the dream of any art lover. Studying arts in Paris with PSAC means seeing La Joconde in Le Louvre for real, Monet and Picasso, discovering what is happening in Paris today, but also developping your own creativity while you are exposed to these exemples of great art, and surrounded with students who share your interests.

Paris School of Arts and Culture is a small program, and we will be proud if we help you fall in love with the arts and the culture of our city, and if you start building a relationship with the city that will remain with you.

  • Study French Language at La Sorbonne every morning
  • Explore Museums, monuments and art venues in the afternoon with art historians, art critics gallerists and other professionals. Overnight excursion during the semester.
  • Challenging art history courses in small groups.
  • Develop your creativity with creative workshops (drawing, photography and creative exercises
  • Receive 3 to 7 credits
  • Transcripts issued by La Sorbonne
  • Meet artists in their studios
  • Housing in friendly host families
  • Extracurricular activities chosen by you
  • Affordable all-inclusive program fee
  • Pre-departure advising and planning
  • PSA Onsite Director and 24/7 support

This program is open to all students interested in studying the art history, culture, architecture, museums and monuments of Paris.
Students need to be 18 years old of age and have a cumulative GPA of 2.8. There are no language requirements, and we accept mature gap year students.

Academic overview

All the academic ingredients are integrated during a semester of intensive classes and workshops. Paris School of Arts and Culture is a challenging program that sets high academic standards, and is perfect for students who are hard-working and passionate about arts.

Orientation (5 days). The orientation includes several excursions in various neighborhoods and monuments like the Luxembourg gardens, Buttes Chaumont, Château de Vincennes, church of Notre-Dame and the Sainte Chapelle.

Language Class at La Sorbonne (50 hours in the summer, 120 hours during semester programs)

The Art of the Museum (30h summer/60h semester) Art history classes, critical visits of the most important museums and art exhibits in Paris. Meetings with professionals : artists, curators, art-critics.

During semesters, this course also includes an overnight excursion to an art-center : past exemples included Berlin during the Biennale, Cannes during the Festival de Cannes, Venice during the Biennale, Marseille to explore the development of art institutions when the city was Capital of Culture in 2013.

Creativity Workshop (30 h summer/ 60 hours semesters) This seminar teaches a range of methods for engaging in sustained, original dialogue with the city. Paris becomes a studio, that students use to develop their creativity through specially designed assignements.

Personal Projects (90 hours, only semesters) The personal projects can take many different forms and be in different medias. Drawing, painting, photography, artistic videos or documentaries, music or dance performances, essays in art history, museum studies, or sociology of art. The only requirement is that it is related to French art. We put you in contact with an artist, professional or academic, who will be your advisor during the whole semester, and guide you through all the steps of making art in a foreign city and a different art environment.

For gap year students, the Personal Project is a great way to develop a portfolio for your admission to College.

Extracurricular activities

Every week, we plan excursions or events taking your preferences into account. We may go to a soccer match, a ballet performance or a a concert, we may organize a wine tasting, an architectural promenade, visit a Chateau in the Loire region or the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, have a Turkish experience at the Mosquée de Paris, or attend a film festival. There are so many possiblities! So we make suggestions, and the group chooses what they prefer.


We think that living with a French host family is part of the experience of studying abroad. We choose families who will respect your privacy, treat you like friends of the family, and share about French culture with you.
Our housing arrangements include a single room, and breakfast every day.

The course and its curriculum were fascinating and well organized… I loved the interconnected nature of film, history, arts, literature, etc. It allowed me to apply knowledge across different class meetings and achieve a fuller educational experience – Martin Vogts, University of Iowa.