I have since been working in advertising in New York City, and the skills I learned from my year studying abroad have been so beneficial to my career: I have a much more open, cultured, and worldly mind. – Lauren Scevola, graphic design, Moravian College. Lauren now works for Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.

Paris School of Arts and Culture’s programs are designed for students who are passionate about art, open-minded and eager to learn about the world. All PSAC students come seeking to learn about French art and culture, about themselves and the potential they have to create meaningful change through their art.

From Art History to French, Sociology, Philsophy, Studio Art , to Cinema, Dance and Music students, Paris School of Arts and Culture works with students interested in exploring visual arts, including cinema and photography, art history, aesthetics, sociology of art, museology, contemporary art, public support for the arts, cultural policy, and other areas of art and culture.

In the past, students have designed research projects in relation both to their Majors and to future career projects, or they have seized the opportunity to explore a completely new domain that was not taught at their home institution.

Faculty have also brought groups of students in various disciplines going from architecture to philosophy  for short study abroad programs. The course taken at home during the year was completed in Paris by a personal research project, generally during late spring or summer. See our short-term page for more information.

Our staff and faculty has been based in Paris for 20 years or more, and we have developed a huge network of professionals working in the fields of French arts and culture. We will connect you to specialists in your field, so that your VRP becomes both your personal project  and a way to explore professional options in France.

Examples of past projects by visual arts Majors include exhibits of drawings, paintings or photography, performances and installations. Students of the performing arts, dance, theatre or music, have made performances in dance and music, website design, film students have realized music videos and creative film, essays on the cinematography of French film-makers.

Art history majors have written and researched about French art of every period and medium, including gardens and food art, assisted by academics or museum curators.

Students of philosophy or critical studies have chosen to explore philosophical aspects of an art form (film, photography), or have enjoyed the chance to produce a creative work of their own.

Students of journalism have written feature articles on aspects of French culture or Parisian life, or photo-journalistic essays.

Sociologists have studied the culture of young music bands, artistic expression of minorities, etc.

Students with a French Major have written essays on French literature, particularly contemporary genres or writers, and had the possibility to interview and learn from living writers.

Some have done internships that have contributed to getting them better jobs in their chosen professions: design, art, art business, auction houses.

If you are wondering what PSAC would have to offer you professionnally or academicaly, you are welcome to contact us.